Trump: “There’s Been no Collusion, But I Think Mueller Is Going To Be Fair”

President Donald Trump said in an interview for The New York Times that he believes special counsel Robert Mueller “will be fair” to him in the investigation regarding the alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

“There’s been no collusion. But I think he’s going to be fair,” said Trump.

This comes as a surprise after Trump and his fellow Republicans attacked Mueller and tried to discredit him and his investigative team.

The Hill reports that some Democrats have said the attacks could provide cover for Trump if he tries to fire Mueller, a step the White House has repeatedly insisted is not under consideration.

On the other hand, Trump announced that this investigation “makes the country look very bad, and it puts the country in a very bad position.”

“So the sooner it’s worked out, the better it is for the country,” Trump commented on the matter.

President Trump has insisted on several occasions that his campaign had no ties with the Russian meddling in the elections, which is why he has confidence in Mueller.

“There is no collusion, and even if there was, it’s not a crime,” Trump said not explaining what he meant by saying “it’s not a crime.”

During the whole time, the president put in question the legitimacy of the investigation implying that it is a deliberate boon for him politically.

“Some of the congressmen have been unbelievable in pointing out what a witch hunt the whole thing is,” Trump said in another comment trying to discredit the process.

In a Gallup’s daily tracking poll Trump’s approval rating is below 40 percent and it looks like the investigation really hurts his popularity. More than 47 percent of American approve of Mueller’s investigation while around 30 percent disapprove in a poll recently conducted by CNN.

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