Kasich Says ‘Waging a War of Words a Distraction from the Serious Task at Hand’

Ohio’s Republican Governor John Kasich expressed a strong opinion on Trump’s way of dealing with North Korea, maintaining that the war with North Korea can be avoided if Trump and his administration take a lesson from Obama’s Iran deal and collaborate with their allies for more strict sanctions on North Korea, Newsweek reports.

The governor became famous last year when he was in the primaries for the Republican presidential nomination, but most recently in an opinion column for The Washington Post in which he criticized Lindsay Graham the Republican Senator for South Carolina. Kasich went against Graham and other politicians who are “predicting odds on the probability of war” whilst there is still time for peaceful negotiations with North Korea.

Kasich suggested that the UN and the U.S. should also sanction Chinese businesses that continue to support North Korea in order to put more pressure so they will be brought to the negotiation table.

“Part of the reason the previous administration succeeded in bringing Iran to the table—regardless of the flaws of their final deal—was due to internationally coordinated sanctions,” Kasich said.

Furthermore, he indirectly criticized the president’s “increasingly hot war of words” and Trump’s comments that negotiations with North Korea are a waste of time.

“This increasingly hot war of words—including loose talk about the probability of war—does nothing to bring us closer to where we need to be on North Korea, especially when military options short of war remain on the table. In fact, with millions of lives at stake, waging a war of words is a distraction from the serious task at hand,” Kasich wrote.

On the other hand, Trump said in a National Security speech on December 18 that he and his administration are having a “campaign of maximum pressure” that results in “the toughest-ever sanctions” for the North Korean government.

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