Democrats Accuse Jared Kushner of Hiding Info

Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, is being called out by Democrats for failing to comment on whether he leveraged his role as a White House senior adviser to bail out a financially troubled family company building, Newsweek reports.

Last week 13 Democrats sent a letter to Kushner to ask him two questions related to the troubled property located at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York, owned by Kushner Cos.

“We are concerned, based on various reports in the media, that you have a conflict of interest in serving as senior White House adviser with a portfolio of foreign affairs issues while possibly seeking massive cash bailouts for 666 Fifth Avenue from foreign nationals or foreign entities,” Democrats said in the letter.

They added that a negative answer to their questions would allay their concerns and the concerns of the Americans, while an affirmative answer or failure to answer would raise serious red flags. Kushner had a deadline until Tuesday to answer whether he had any discussions about the property with foreign nationals in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, China, Israel, France or any other country excluding Russia since November 2016 and if so, if the conversations related to helping finance, purchase or assist with the building’s debt.

However, Kushner did not answer the questions, so Representative Ted Lieu called him out for lack of response.

“These are straightforward questions but we still haven’t received an answer. What is Mr. Kushner hiding?” Lieu asked.

According to some media, the property has incurred at least 1.2 billion dollars in debt. More than half of the property is owned by Kushner Companies. Before he went to work in the White House, Kushner introduced a $7.5 billion plan to redevelop the property and reportedly sought foreign investment from foreigners, among which one Chinese company.

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