Two Senators Call on Trump to Resign Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Two Democratic Senators urged President Donald Trump to resign, pointing to the numerous allegations of sexual harassment made against him.

Senators Cory Booker and Jeff Merkley suggested that the “#MeeToo moment” should encourage another look at the women accusing the president of sexual harassment during last year’s presidential campaign.

Booker, calling on Trump to leave office, said, “I just watched Sen. Al Franken do the honorable thing and resign from his office. My question is, why isn’t Donald Trump doing the same thing — who has more serious allegations against him, with more women who have come forward. The fact pattern on him is far more damning than the fact pattern on Al Franken.”

Al Franken announced his resignation on Thursday after several women accused him of sexual harassment.

Senator Merkley joined the call, saying “I want to be absolutely clear. Donald Trump should resign the presidency,” adding that he believed the 17 women who have come forward with accusations against him. Merkley also pointed out that Trump has boasted about groping women on tape, which is more the reason why he called on the president to resign.

Merkley as well called on Republican candidate Roy Moore to resign, citing similar harassment allegations.

Trump has not indicated that he planned to step down before his term ends, suggesting he even plans to run for reelection. He has denied the allegations, even though he was caught on tape bragging about groping and kissing women.

Last week 58 Democrats voted to impeach Trump, but the initiative pushed by Republican Al Green was quickly rejected in the House.

“I don’t think we’re there right now,” Senator Bernie Sanders said on Sunday, implying that the special counsel’s Russia investigation should be allowed to run its course before any action to impeach Trump is taken.

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