Governor McAuliffe Doesn’t Support Impeachment

After billionaire Tom Steyer pushed for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, the Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe said on Sunday he did not support that. During a UN climate conference in Germany, Steyer, who is the Democratic Party’s biggest donor, called on Democrats in Congress to make the president’s impeachment their priority. However, the governor, as well as other lawmakers, dismissed impeachment talks.

“Let [special counsel Robert] Mueller, and let the people who are doing the process, go through and do what they’re doing. You don’t prejudge investigations,” said McAuliffe. He added that Steyer is allowed to say “what he wants.”

Steyer is running television ads which he hopes will help him get Trump impeached. His message, however, did not appeal to Democrats who were in Bonn for the climate change talks. Oregon Governor Kate Brown noted that impeachment was “something that Congress is going to deal with,” while maintaining she had no position when it came to impeachment.

California Governor Jerry Brown said it would be “counterproductive” to start an impeachment movement.

“What will that do? That would be counterproductive. It would undermine all that we’re trying to do,” Brown said.

Nancy Pelosi also dismissed the idea of impeachment, saying that with the Justice Department’s investigation underway, it would “look political.” She added that her goal was to win voters, and not alienate them by focusing on impeachment as her primary goal. Last week, Steyer called Trump “a threat to the American people” and called on them to stand up and publicly say that. He disagreed with Pelosi who he believes is not doing anything only because “ it doesn’t fit into the way political tactics are organized in Washington.”

The former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is known to be a critic of Trump’s, refused to give his view on impeachment. Steyer, who may run for a Senate seat in California, is funding a petition which has already gathered about 2 million signatures.

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