Mueller to Interview Hope Hicks

White House communications director Hope Hicks will allegedly be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller somewhere in mid-November. An administration official also said Mueller’s team is likely to interview several other White House officials beginning from this week.

White House lawyer, Ty Cobb said the White House is still determined to cooperate with the special counsel, despite recent events including the accusation of two of the president’s former aides.

Hicks has been an associate of President Donald Trump’s for years and is part of his inner circle. She worked for him at the Trump organization and was involved in his presidential campaign so it was expected that Mueller would call Hicks for an interview. Earlier this autumn, she hired a personal attorney, Robert Trout to represent her as Mueller’s probe continues.

He did not immediately comment on the scheduled interview.

Former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos were charged on Monday on several accounts. Other former campaign aides have already been interviewed by Mueller and he is expected to complete his interviews by Thanksgiving. White House counsel Don McGahn, Josh Raffel and associate counsel James Burnham are among those who are to be interviewed by Muller in the weeks to come.

The interview with Hicks comes shortly after some of Trump’s allies pressured him to try to undermine the special counsel’s investigation. Breitbart news chairman Steve Bannon was among those advising the president to do so, but defunding Mueller’s investigation is not something that can be done easily as he draws his budget from the Treasury Department, whose regulations clearly state that he is to be given all the resources he needs, Politico reports.

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