Declassified Document Reveals CIA Investigated whether Hitler Survived World War II

Adolf Hitler survived World War II and lived in Colombia for several months in 1954, recently declassified document from the CIA indicates. The document is part of the files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and it shows that an informant told CIA agent code-named Cimelody-3 that the notorious German leader was alive. The informant was a friend of the agent and he also said that Philip Citroen, former German SS agent, appeared to be in touch with Hitler in the city of Tunja in Colombia’s Boyaca department, Newsweek reports.

“According to Citroen, the Germans residing in Tunja follow this alleged Adolf Hitler with an idolatry of the Nazi past, addressing him as ‘der Fuhrer’ and affording him the Nazi salute and storm-trooper adulation,” the memo reads.

Even though it has always been said that Hitler committed suicide in a Berlin bunker on April 30, 1945, the CIA document provokes a discussion on whether the Fuhrer went to South America after the war. The intelligence memo shows a picture of Adolf Schrittelmayor and that means that it is possible that Hitler had changed his last name.

“Citroen also showed the member of this office a photograph which was taken in Colombia of himself standing next to the alleged Hitler. This photograph was borrowed for a few hours to be reproduced, but unfortunately the negatives were too poor to make copies from. The original was returned to its owner and could not be easily obtained again,” says the memo.

The memos show that CIA was skeptical of the reports, but had to take them seriously. Abel Basti, Argentine writer, reconstructed Hitler’s alleged trip across South America in his book “Tras Los Pasos De Hitler” including a months-long stay in Colombia, but the book has been rejected by historians because it lacked evidence.

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