Corker Doesn’t Rule Out Possible 2020 Presidential Bid

Senator Bob Corker on Friday did not rule out the possibility of challenging President Trump in 2020 elections, The Hill reports.

“You know, I don’t know what I’m doing next Sunday. The only thing that I’m thinking about right now over the next 14 months truly is doing the best job I can as a senator. And I think if you even begin thinking those things everything you do becomes viewed through a different lens.” Corker said.

The senator, who has become one of Trump’s strongest critics from within the Republican party, does not plan to seek reelection in 2018. Corker would not say whether he encourages a Republican primary challenge to Trump in 2020, but he has said that he would not support Trump’s reelection, The Hill adds.

Another retiring GOP senator and Trump critic, Senator Jeff Flake, last week made a similar comment suggesting he’s leaving the door open to challenging the president.

“That’s a long time away, and we’ll deal with that when it comes to it,” Flake said when asked if he was ruling out a 2020 campaign, The Hill informs.

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