Trump Expected to Withdraw Iran Deal Backing

President Donald Trump will most likely announce the Iran nuclear deal is not in U.S. best interests, but he is not expected to kill the deal altogether. This move makes the future of the Obama-era deal very uncertain, threatening to trigger events that could bring about its collapse.

In case that happens, the president or anyone who succeeds him in the Oval Office, may face a serious dilemma – whether to employ military force to prevent the Islamic Republic from developing nuclear weapons.

Even though there is evidence of Iran’s compliance with the deal, Trump is determined to scrap the deal, leaving it to Congress to decide whether to reimpose sanction on Iran. However, it assumed that the Trump administration would not push Congress to do so, in order not to drive Iran out of the deal completely. Those favoring the nuclear deal are afraid the president’s decision may severely endanger the legitimacy of the deal.

“If the President chooses to not certify, that already will be a negative step – for one thing it will start a process of isolating us from our allies,” Ernest Moniz said. The former Secretary of Energy went on to add that reimposing sanctions over Tehran when Iran complies with the terms of the deal would only lead to a negative outcome, contrary to U.S. national interests.

Critics believe Trump’s actions are putting the country’s national security in danger only as a result of his dislike for the nuclear deal. However, some Republican Senators have expressed their opposition to certifying the agreement, claiming it will only lead to eventually improving it. Some supporters of Trump even say that when the deal expires in 2025, Iran will follow in the footsteps of North Korea, developing nuclear weapons. They maintain a better deal can be attained.

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