President’s Lawyers May Offer Mueller a Meeting with Trump

President Donald Trump’s lawyers may offer Special Counsel Robert Mueller a chance to meet with him in order to expedite Mueller’s Russia probe. In case an interview is not requested by the special counsel before Thanksgiving, the president’s lawyers may encourage it themselves. The White House is convinced such a meeting would help heed the probe and remove any suspicion over president Trump.

On the other hand, it could pose some risks for the president, as the interview is likely to contain questions regarding possible obstruction of justice over Trump’s firing of James Comey or questions of the potential collusion with Russia to help the president win last year’s election. The senior official indicated the White House is open to collaborate with Mueller and not impede him in any way.

“Whatever happens with regard to whether or not, or how, the special counsel might want to interview the president, there’s no reason to expect that would be combative,” the official said.

However, the final decision concerning a possible meeting will be made by Trump and his personal lawyer. Earlier this year, the president told reporters he was ready to give testimony under oath regarding any supposed Russian ties to his presidential campaign. What poses the greatest issue for Trump’s legal team is his unpredictable nature, and susceptibility to give angry comments, which could have seriously damaging political consequences for him.

The interview with President Trump would most likely be one of Mueller’s last steps in finalizing the investigation, which would result in indictment or exoneration, as the president expects.

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