Children’s Healthcare Bill Faces New Obstacles

Negotiations between the Democrats and Republicans concerning children’s health insurance have taken a wrong turn, indicating that legislation will not be passed any time soon. There are talks of extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program, but they are not going in the right direction. Democrats are opposing the bill proposed by Republicans due to how its founded.

Democratic leader Chuck Schumer suggested Obamacare fix, currently under negotiation, needs to be incorporated in the funding bill. This was strongly opposed by Orrin Hatch, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who said it would jeopardize “vulnerable children’s health insurance coverage by adding controversial policies like bailing out insurance companies,” reports the Hill. He added that this was an attempt to “score cheap political points” instead of working to put an end to the problem.

Both sides are now refusing to negotiate and things are not looking good according to Democrat Frank Pallone Jr. He added that Republicans may bring their bill to Senate floor without a previous deal with Democrats, who disagree with how the extension of CHIP is paid for under the bill. Namely, the GOP propose that wealthier beneficiaries of the Medicare program pay extra for health care, while cutting a public health fund in Obamacare.

Democrats claim they suggested a different approach to paying for the bill, which Republicans refused to accept. What complicates negotiations additionally is that House Republicans are likely to ask for linking the bill to the repeal of an Obamacare board which controls Medicare costs. Though Democrats agree with the repeal, they protest that it may not be paid for.

Furthermore, the fix that Democrats suggest would help fund Obamacare and would combine this measure with CHIP, which many Republicans object to.

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