NYT: South Korea Assembling ‘Decapitation Unit’

South Korea is assembling a “decapitation unit” in its military in a thinly veiled threat to North Korean leader Kim Jung Un and his top aides as they escalate a nuclear missile program, The New York Times reports.

South Korean defense minister, Song Young-moo, told lawmakers that a special forces brigade known as Spartan 3000, which he described as a “decapitation unit”, would be established by the end of the year.

The Times writes that the brigade eerily recalls a commando unit in the 1960s that conducted a failed assassination attempt aimed at Kim’s grandfather, Kim Il-sung.

“The best deterrence we can have, next to having our own nukes, is to make Kim Jong-un fear for his life,” Shin Won-sik, a three-star general who was the South Korean military’s top operational strategist before he retired in 2015, told the Times.

“We can now build ballistic missiles that can slam through deep underground bunkers where Kim Jong-un would be hiding,” Shin said, referring to President Donald Trump’s agreement that would allow South Korea to build more powerful ballistic missiles.

“The idea is how we can instill the kind of fear a nuclear weapon would, but do so without a nuke. In the medieval system like North Korea, Kim Jong-un’s life is as valuable as hundreds of thousands of ordinary people whose lives would be threatened in a nuclear attack,” he added.

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