UN Approves New Set of Sanctions against North Korea

The United Nations Security Council approved a new set of sanctions against North Korea after the threatening state launched its latest nuclear weapons test earlier this month, Bloomberg reports.

With the latest resolution, the Security Council is putting bigger pressure on Pyongyang to back off its weapons programs, increasing additional sanctions after also voting unanimously last month to impose severe financial penalties.

The resolution takes aim at imports, cutting off refined petroleum products to 2 million barrels a year while also banning textile exports, while also reportedly gives countries the right to freeze assets of cargo ships if their operators refuse to comply with to inspections on the high seas, Bloomberg adds.

The resolution comes a week after North Korea carried out its sixth and largest confirmed nuclear test. President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that “all options” are on the table when it comes to dealing with leader Kim Jong-un.

Defense Secretary James Mattis also warned North Korea not to threaten the U.S. or its allies, or else it will be met with a military response.

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