Perez Slams Trump, Calls Him “Champion for Cruelty”

Following the Trump administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), NAtional Committee Chair, Democrat Tom Perez, slammed President Donald Trump, saying he is a “champion for cruelty”, The Hill reports.

“Rescinding DACA is the latest tactic in the Republican playbook to promote hate and discrimination. Because of the Republican party, DREAMers will lose their ability to go to work and contribute to their communities. Deportations will tear families apart and drive immigrants back into the shadows,” Perez said.

“DREAMers share our values and strengthen our nation. Their courage is American to its core, and they deserve far better from the president of the only country they’ve ever called home.”

Perez said that Democrats value diversity and compassion and plan on fixing the immigration system, “not uprooting lives and shattering families.”

“And as Donald Trump and his Republican colleagues try to trample on the American Dream, we will continue to fight for the immigrant families who contribute to our country ever day,” Perez said.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced earlier Tuesday that Trump planned on rescinding the program with a six-month delay, giving Congress a chance to pass a legislative fix for DACA recipients. But Trump made a surprise pledge to “revisit” DACA in six months if Congress is unable to pass a bill in a tweet Tuesday night.

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