Rosenstein: Trump Did Not Direct DOJ to Investigate Clinton

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a Sunday interview said President Donald Trump has not directed the Justice Department to “investigate particular people”.

During an interview on “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked Rosenstein if he viewed Trump’s recent comment that prosecutors should be probing Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails as an order, The Hill reports.

Trump tweeted about the need for more investigation last Saturday, directing his comments toward Attorney General Jeff Sessions and special counsel Robert Mueller.

“No, Chris. I view what the president says publicly as something he said publicly,” Rosenstein said.

“If the president wants to give orders to us in the department, he gives that to us privately. And then if we have any feedback, we provide it to him,” he continued.

Wallace pressed the issue, asking if Rosenstein would say if the president has given the Justice Department an order to investigate a specific matter.

“I won’t, Chris. But I can tell you the president has not directed us to investigate particular people. That wouldn’t be right. That’s not the way we operate.” Rosenstein concluded.

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