Obama’s EPA Museum Scheduled for Trump Rebranding

The Environmental Protection Agency’s one-room museum initiated by the agency’s administrator under former President Barack Obama is being redesigned to reflect the Trump administration’s priorities, the Washington Post reports.

But the work was initiated by career staff members who told Trump appointees the free museum, which opened shortly before President Barack Obama left office, contained exhibits not in line with the Trump administration – including a display panel extolling the Paris agreement and declaring the “EPA is leading global efforts to address climate change.”

A panel featuring a Dr. Seuss themed poster reading “Join the Lorax and Help Protect the Earth From Global Warming” will be removed, the Post adds.

According to the Post, an official said coal and agriculture might be featured in the revamped museum, and Anne Gorsuch, the mother of Trump-nominated Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, will be added to the museum, where every other past EPA administrator is mentioned.

Gorsuch had a short, tumultuous tenure as President Ronald Reagan’s first EPA administrator, and resigned in 1983, the Post noted. The Post reported until final decisions are made, a poster board featuring a “back-to-basics” agenda has been installed, which is EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s main priority for the agency.

According to the Post, the temporary poster features Pruitt shaking hands with Pennsylvania coal miners, with a message of “sensible regulations for economic growth”.

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