CIA Chief Pompeo Gives Operatives More Power to Gather Intel

CIA Director Mike Pompeo told The Washington Free Beacon his agency is peeling away some of the bureaucratic layers that stand between its operatives and analysts and CIA leadership, Newsmax reports.

“In nearly every one of those cases it increases the risk level. It also greatly enhances the likelihood you’ll achieve the outcome you’re looking for.” he said.

Pompeo added that President Donald Trump, with whom he meets on a regular basis, has been supportive of CIA’s efforts to continue its mission of intelligence gathering overseas but also making changes to how it operates. Under Pompeo’s guidance, the CIA is stepping up its efforts to steal other countries secrets.

“Look, our primary mission is foreign intelligence. That is at the core of what we do, and so the ability to go collect against the most difficult places, the most difficult targets in a way that is not one off, that is deep and robust and redundant, is something this agency is really good at when they are allowed to do it. And the president is going to go let us do it.” he noted.

Earlier this year, Trump gave his military commanders in the field the power to give the green light on certain missions without having to obtain his authorization.

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