White House Releases Trump Staff Salaries

The White House on Friday released a list of salary information for nearly 400 employees of President Donald Trump’s executive office, The Hill reports.

The 16-page document details the annual salaries of top staffers and advisors to the president. They are making slightly more in their positions than Obama administration staffers did, though salaries across the federal government get increased yearly for inflation.

The highest-paid White House appointees take in salaries of $179,700, but there is one employee making above that: Mark S. House, whom the White House is borrowing temporarily from another agency. House is earning $187,000.

Among the 22 White House employees who are earning the most are Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, who is Trump’s senior counselor, Trump’s chief of staff Reince Priebus and press secretary Sean Spicer.

Other notable salaries include the director of communications for the first lady, Stephanie Grisham, who is being paid $115,000 per year, and national security aide Sebastian Gorka, who is bringing in $155,000.

Keith Schiller, who served as Trump’s longtime bodyguard, has a $165,000 salary in the White House. He’s working as the director of Oval Office Operations. His job title includes managing the president’s personal schedule and managing access to him.

In 2016, the maximum salary for White House staff was $176,461. President Barack Obama, then in the White House, paid 16 people the top amount.

First daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to the president, were listed with salaries of $0, reflecting their pledge to not receive income from Trump’s administration.

Since 1995, the White House has been required to provide the Congress with a report of all White House Office employees titles and salaries.

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