Abuse Victim Support Groups Oppose ObamaCare Repeal Bill

Over 300 non-profit organizations supporting victims of abuse have signed a letter to Senate leadership decrying the “devastating” effects the proposed Republican ObamaCare repeal and replace bill would have on domestic abuse and rape victims, The Hill reports.

“Domestic violence and sexual assault are unplanned crises with long-term consequences. It is unreasonable to assume someone will know to choose a health plan based on the expectation she or he will become a victim of crime or violence. The Senate bill will allow insurers to sell plans that cover very little, potentially leaving a victim with a huge medical bill after an attack, or make comprehensive health insurance so expensive that it’s unaffordable”, the groups wrote, according to a report by BuzzFeed.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced the delay of the vote on the ObamaCare repeal bill Tuesday, saying that lawmakers would vote on the bill after the July 4 recess instead.

According to the support groups, the bill proposes large cuts to Medicaid, which would reduce treatment options for those with lasting emotional or behavioral conditions from their abuse.

“We ask you not to turn your back on victims. Protect their access to healthcare to make sure that they have a pathway to healing, safety, and well-being”, the letter concludes.

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