Canadians Favorable Opinion of U.S. Drops, Poll Shows

For the first time since the Pew Research Centers began polling Canadians on their opinion of the U.S., the number with a favorable opinion of America has dropped to below 50 percent, as just 43 percent of Canadians view the U.S. favorably.

Hence, about 51 percent view the country unfavorably, The Hill reports.

The favorability rating dropped 22 points since last year, when 65 percent of Canadians viewed the U.S. favorably. The drop in favorability is likely tied to President Donald Trump, whom Canadians have generally said they do not trust, The Hill comments.

Only 22 percent of those polled said they trust Trump to do the right thing in foreign affairs, while 83 percent said the same about former President Barack Obama last year.

Canadians also did not approve of Trump’s personality, with 92 percent thinking he is arrogant and 72 percent believing him dangerous, according to Pew. Just 16 percent of Canadians said they think he is qualified to be president.

Russia was one of only two countries polled to see an increase in favorable views of the U.S. since Trump took office, with that number increasing by 26 points.

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