Bipartisan Push to Prioritize Cybersecurity Advice for Small Businesses

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday to train staff at small business development centers in cybersecurity strategy, The Hill reads.

House Small Business Committee Chairman Steve Chabot and Senate Small Business Committee Chairman Jim Risch are joined by Representative Dwight Evans and Senator Gary Peters on the Small Business Development Center Cyber Training Act. A press release touting the new bill describes it as a priority for both committees. 

“Many small business owners lack the capital and expertise they need to prevent a cybersecurity attack,” Chabot said in the release, adding that “providing cybersecurity training to lead small business development center employees will broaden their expertise to help more small businesses prevent an attack and potentially help save their companies.”

The bill would require that 20 percent of small business development center employees receive certification in cybersecurity strategy consulting.

“Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in our country each year, and they need the right tools and skills to identify cyber threats and protect their customers and their livelihoods,” Peters said in the release.

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