Two years Later, the Lincoln Memorial Reopens

Two years ago, construction began on the Lincoln Memorial reflection pool. Obama put $34 million toward restoring this national landmark as part of the economic stimulus package. This endeavor turned out to be one of the largest projects ever occurring on the National Mall.

The Lincoln Memorial is an important location for our Nation’s history. Many influential leaders have given speeches at the Lincoln Memorial including Martin Luther King Jr’s famous, “I Have a Dream” speech. Many political rallies and celebrations have also taken place at the Lincoln Memorial.

Originally, the water in the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool did not circulate causing leakage. Now, engineers have redesigned the pool to include a circulation and filtration system. The water, which initially came from D.C.’s drinking water source, will now come directly from the Tidal Basin. By not using a natural source for the water, they will save over 20 million gallons of drinking water. The pool is also lined with pathways improving accessibility for the many tourists that visit the site each year.

The Lincoln Memorial stands as a symbol for our nation. It is a culmination of history, hard work, and democracy. The rededication of the Lincoln Memorial will be held on September 29th.


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