Focus Washington: Michael Clements, CEO and Founder of Art Jamz

Chuck Conconi invites Michael Clements, founder of the local DC art group, ArtJamz ( to sit down in studio. They discuss the founding of the group, purpose, and future meet ups!

In an interview with Chuck Conconi on Focus Washington, CEO and Founder Michael Clements shares the mission, scene and goals of Art Jamz.

Art Jamz sessions feature fun settings in Washington, D.C. where people gather to paint for three-and-a-half hours. Every session offers an easel, canvas, paint, live music, food and beverages. Each session is a great opportunity for participants to relax, get their creativity flowing and have a good time.

Art Jamz provides an escape from the routine into a fun and creative world. A high percentage of regulars are lawyers, doctors and lobbyists. “Art Jamz’ main targets are people who are stressed, who have a lot on their minds, people who sit in front of a computer all day,” said Clements. “Art Jamz encourages people to organically create; it gives them freedom to create infinite things.”

Art Jamz travels around town to bring fun and creativity to Washington. The sessions have taken place at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, empty retail places and, next week, at the Smithsonian Museum of Art. There are currently about six sessions per month, but Clements’ goals are to do 4-5 a week and establish a franchise in the area.

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