Cloud Computing, Google Apps, and the City of Los Angeles

While the term “cloud computing” seems to be on everyones’ mind this year in the Washington technology sector, few can actually agree on what it actually means for government agencies at the Federal, state , or local level.  In fact, I would venture that the term is there for the taking in the government market, meaning that the a smart tech company with the right brand could launch the thought leadership campaign that would define Cloud in its own image, and be successful in doing so.

In the meantime, check out how Google has interpreted Cloud to the benefit of the city of Los Angeles– moving the City’s 34,000 employees all over to a dedicated Google Apps e-mail system.  Given that thousands of city employees work all different hours away from any office, having a Cloud e-mail in place can result in huge savings and long-term ROI. 

Here’s a blog posting from the city’s Chief Technology Officer Randy Levin discussing the move.  But also check out this video that Google and the City of Los Angeles created to talk about their move to Google Apps and what it means for them.

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