How the Chinese spy balloon sent the U.S. on a hunt for flying objects

It appears the U.S. military had an “awareness gap” on flying objects over the nation, Reuters reports. After the U.S. government announced last week that a fleet of Chinese spy balloons had visited the United States undetected in recent years, the military had to admit it had an “awareness gap.”

It comes after the U.S. shot down four objects in over a week, which Pentagon officials reportedly say is unprecedented in peacetime. 

Since the Chinese spy balloon was discovered, the U.S. military has been adjusting its radar to find flying objects – including balloons – that are smaller, slower, and differently shaped than the enemy aircraft and missiles that have long preoccupied the Pentagon.

The U.S. has formed an interagency team to look into “unidentified aerial objects.”

The result has been a spate of unprecedented shoot-downs of mysterious objects. 

This has included the most recent shutdown on Sunday of an octagonal structure downed by an F-16 over Lake Huron. 

The object is raising still-unanswered questions about whether these phenomena are new or if they’ve been around all along, ABC News reports.

Now people are asking whether the objects shot down could be an indication of aliens.

As officials and lawmakers continue to raise questions, with few answers available so far, speculation has started to swirl about extraterrestrial involvement, along with not a few jokes. 

Amid all the mystery about the unidentified objects flying over the United States and Canada, White House officials made a point of saying Monday there is no evidence to suggest aliens are involved.

That’s not all. China is now also putting a spin on the balloon fiasco, saying they are not the only nation deploying balloons over other countries, and the U.S. has done the same to them. 

After accusations of having a spy balloon program extending across 40 countries, China is accusing the U.S. of sending at least 10 balloons into Chinese airspace since last year. 

The White House is denying the accusations. 

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