Poll shows Biden approval remains stable despite document handling

Although most Americans disapprove of the way President Biden has handled the discovery of sensitive materials at his home and old office, his popularity rating has mostly remained stable, The Hill reports.

Around 41% of American adults, down two points from the 43% reported in December, say they are satisfied with Biden’s job performance, according to an AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

Nearly 40% of respondents indicated they disapproved of how Biden handled the leaks of secret documents, while 23% said they approved and 36% said they were undecided about how they felt.

Significant partisan differences in opinions of Biden were discovered by pollsters. Nearly 70% of Republicans and 44% of Democrats both expressed disapproval of Biden’s handling of the crisis.

Republican approval was only 6%, and Democrat approval was 15%. However, 40% of Democrats and 24% of Republicans indicated they were undecided.

The findings follow the FBI’s Wednesday night investigation of Biden’s Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, residence, which turned up no more evidence of classified material.

Biden has stated that the finding of sensitive information in his hands astonished him.

During an August raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, the FBI found hundreds of sensitive and highly-classified papers related to his administration. When the National Archives received word last month from the staff of former vice president Mike Pence that classified materials had also been discovered at his home, the issue took a new turn.

Approximately 35% percent of respondents indicated they had heard some about the problem, but not a lot, while 37% said they had heard little to nothing about it. Among those surveyed, just 28% claimed to have “read or heard a lot about it.”

In follow-up questions, the survey discovered that some participants draw a contrast between the circumstances involving Biden and those involving Trump, who put off demands from the National Archives to turn up his materials for months. However, they asserted that the nation’s leaders ought to be competent in handling this kind of material and information.

Despite respondents’ worries about the potential harm the records may pose to national security, a Monmouth University survey issued on Wednesday showed Biden’s approval rating remaining stable.

A total of 1,068 individuals participated in the AP survey, which ran from January 26 to 30. The overall sample’s margin of error was 4.2 points.

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