No classified documents found at Biden’s beach house

No classified documents were found at President Joe Biden’s beach home during an FBI search of the property in Delaware, BBC reported.

The Department of Justice conducted the search, which had been consensual by the president, therefore not needing a search warrant. The DOJ concluded no documents were on the premises. 

The nearly four-hour search of the property related to a wider probe into the handling of classified documents.

Classified materials had been found at Biden’s residence in Wilmington and former officials in Washington D.C, The Guardian reported.

There were no government secrets found at Biden’s beachfront property, but the search means the investigation will stay in the news for the time being. 

The justice department search of Joe Biden’s holiday home adds one more twist to a classified documents saga that has stretched on for nearly a month now and includes a special counsel overseeing the inquiry.

Former President Donald Trump and his former Vice-President Mike Pence have also been embroiled in controversy over the handling of classified documents.

For Pence’s case, a “small number of documents bearing classified markings” were found at his home in Indiana. The documents were recovered by the FBI from a safe at the property in January, with two boxes more delivered to the Archives afterward.

Trump’s was the biggest controversy of them all when the FBI had to conduct a raid and thousands of documents were found, some with top secret classification. An August 2022 search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida uncovered dozens of boxes and about 11,000 documents, including about 100 with classified markings. And it came after attorneys representing Trump had said all government records were returned. 

People are pointing out that while multiple Biden properties were searched, there has not been an indication yet that the FBI has or will investigate Trump’s homes in New York or New Jersey. 

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