Why Companies Are Recruiting In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is becoming a regional leader in attracting the best talent, according to recruiters who work in the Middle East. 

John Armstrong, founder and managing director of recruitment agency JCA Associates, wrote for the National News about how the sheer scale of growth in Saudi Arabia has boosted the number of opportunities for job seekers. 

While the United Arab Emirates has long attracted foreign and regional workers due to the ease of finding a job, setting up businesses, busing homes, or taking luxury holidays have led the UAE to be a hot spot. 

But with a rich economy and Saudi Vision 2030 working to diversify the economy away from just oil, Armstrong says Saudi Arabia is now becoming another regional leader in attracting the best talent. 

Saudi Arabia has seen changes recently implemented to attract more International ideas, technology, and culture, Armstrong said. 

Tourism is also a growing sector in the Kingdom, especially since the nation changed its foreign visa process and introduced e-visas in late 2019, providing an easier process to enter the country. 

Another initiative expected to attract population and tourism is the Red Sea Project. There is also a big development program happening in Jeddah. 

With a purchasing managers’ index reading of 56.9 for December 2022, Riyad Bank announced the largest job growth in non-oil sectors in five years.

According to the MyExpatriate Market Pay Survey, which is published annually by London-based research company ECA International, salaries are also on the rise, with an estimated 11 percent annual increase for non-Saudis in 2021. 

“There is a highly improved infrastructure and quality of life on offer — and this will only get better,” Armstrong said. 

“With mega projects such as Neom and Qiddiya (reported to become the Disneyland of Saudi Arabia) well underway, there is much to look forward to in the kingdom,” he said. 

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