TC Energy has yet to determine oil pipeline leak cause


The Keystone oil pipeline leak that occurred last week in the United States has not yet been fully investigated, according to Canada’s TC Energy, which also declined to provide a timetable for when the pipeline will start operating again, Reuters reports.

The pipeline was shut down by TC after upwards of 14,000 barrels of crude oil spilled into a stream in Kansas on Wednesday, making it the worst U.S. petroleum spill in a decade.

The pipeline operator said that it is now working on the breach with more than 250 personnel, including outside environmental experts. It also added that it is regularly monitoring the air quality and that there are currently no signs of any negative health effects or public safety issues.

As rain is expected to start on Monday, crews are also getting ready for it, according to TC.

Important Canadian heavy crude is transported from Alberta to refineries in the Midwest and Gulf Coast of the United States through the 622,000 barrel-per-day Keystone line.

The oil pipeline leak that prompted the closure of Keystone will prevent Canadian oil from being delivered to the Gulf, where it is processed by refineries or exported, as well as to the U.S. storage center in Cushing, Oklahoma.

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