‘Joe Manchin is never gonna be a Republican,’ Christ Christie says

Chris Christie, a former governor of New Jersey, stated on Sunday that he didn’t believe Sen. Joe Manchin would follow Kyrsten Sinema in abandoning the Democratic Party, The Hill reported.

Despite the states’ customary backing for the other party, Christie and Manchin both succeeded in winning the election to governor of their respective states. Up to his election to the upper house in 2010, Joe Manchin presided as West Virginia’s governor.

The day after Sinema, a 2018 Democratic Senate candidate, declared she was quitting the party to run as an Independent, Christie made her remarks on ABC.

In the Senate Democratic Conference, Sinema and Manchin were regarded as the two most moderate senators. However, the pair occasionally opposed important party positions, such as the repeal of the legislative filibuster, which was backed by other members of the conference.

In order to avoid a primary challenge from her left, Sinema allegedly defected from the party. Both senators are up for reelection in 2024. Senator Bernie Sanders and others have made this accusation.

Sinema has responded to these charges by claiming that she has never properly fit into the party and that she has not yet made up her mind about running for re-election.

Manchin’s third full-term bid in a consistently conservative state would make the election one of the GOP’s best chances at picking up a Senate seat in 2024, as opposed to Sinema’s likely reelection campaign in the swing state of Arizona.

According to rumors that Manchin was considering quitting the Democratic Party, Democrats were growing more frustrated with Manchin as they needed his support to pass significant legislation in the equally divided Senate.

However, the senator has denied those claims, labeling such an idea as “bullshit” in the previous year.

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