High Profile Democrat Voices Support for Trump’s Border Wall

As Philadelphia rages at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott over migrant buses he’s been sending to crime-ridden Philadelphia, a prominent Democrat is opposing his own party and voicing support for a Trump-style border wall, Fox News reports.

Breaking with many sitting members of his party, former Democratic Representative Harold Ford Jr. – who formerly represented Memphis – is advocating for raising a border wall to curb illegal immigration, despite the criticism from his own party, and for reforming the US asylum system.

Ford Jr believes that making the process uncomfortable for everyone and other possible solutions to the immigration crisis could offer some relief, admonishing at the same time Republicans which are not open to such solutions and don’t believe the US ought to invest in a smart way in parts of this hemisphere where peace and stability are needed in order to prevent some of the challenges they’re facing at the border.

Stressing that foreign workers are key to the US economy, he also argues that the US work visa system must be overhauled as well.

Democratic Mayor Jim Kenney – who famously danced celebrating the city’s status as a sanctuary city in 2018 – issued a strong rebuke at Abbott for the bussing of migrants to Philadelphia on Wednesday, calling the Republican governor and his administration cruel and racist.

According to several reports, twenty-eight migrants were dropped at the SEPTA hub, just across the Schuylkill River from Center City, while several were dropped at Amtrak’s 30th Street Station.

Abbott pushed back on Kenney’s comments, underscoring that he has made the city an ideal addition to Texas’ list of drop-off locations after fighting for a long time for his city to get its sanctuary status.

After he reportedly claimed Abbott could be committing a crime by bussing the migrants, Philadelphia’s far-left District Attorney Larry Krasner has been ripped by Judge Jeanine Pirro who told him that if Abbott committed a state-level crime, then President Biden committed a federal crime by letting the migrants from their country to the United States.

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