Poll: Americans Concerned about Politically Motivated Violence

Nearly half of all respondents blamed the media for the potential of politically motivated violence, which worries the majority of surveyed Americans, Fox News reports.

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll issued on Friday, 63% of Americans said they are “extremely concerned” about the potential that “political tensions have reached to the point” in the U.S. where there is an increased chance of politically motivated violence.

With 28% of respondents identifying as Democrats, 25% as Republicans, and 38% as Independents, the poll was largely divided along partisan lines.

8% more people declared they had “other” or “no opinion.”

When asked which party they blamed for the political unrest, respondents were largely divided in the poll, with 25% blaming Democrats and 31% blaming the Republican Party.

Another 32% assigned “equal” blame to both parties, while 11% blamed neither.

However, 47% of respondents who were asked if media coverage was to blame for partisan tensions that led to political violence agreed that it had “encouraged” such behavior.

A little over 15% of people claimed that the media “discouraged” violence, while 33% claimed that it was neither discouraged nor encouraged by American media.

Participants in the survey were also questioned if they believed that Trump was to blame for “encouraging” acts of political violence. The majority of participants—nearly all—responded in the affirmative.

Nearly 20% claimed that Trump has “discouraged” violence, and another close to 30% claimed that he “neither” encourages nor deters violence.

In the same week that the poll, which polled slightly over 1,000 Americans by landline and mobile, Paul Pelosi, the husband of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, was brutally attacked by a house intruder who claimed to be seeking for the California congresswoman.

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