Uvalde Victims Families Urge Resignation of Texas Public Safety Director

The families of the victims of a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas are demanding a resignation
Robb Elementary School

The Texas public safety director was accosted by family members of students murdered in the Uvalde school shooting, and they requested his resignation for the troopers of his agency’s inability to promptly engage the shooter and maybe save lives, Reuters reports.

Parents and family members of the 19 students and two teachers who died in the Robb Elementary School massacre on May 24 pressured Director Col. Steven McCraw to keep his promise to step down if his organization was found to have made mistakes in its reaction.

McCraw, whose organization is in charge of overseeing law enforcement throughout the whole state, said that the responding cops broke policy by waiting more than an hour before entering the adjacent classrooms, where the shooter was holed up with the instructors and students. He said a speedier reaction may have prevented fatalities.

Even still, McCraw declared that he would only step down if an internal review concluded that his organization had failed the Uvalde community.

Nearly 400 cops from different agencies who were on the campus in June have come under harsh criticism for their behavior.

The Texas legislature issued a report in July blaming the reaction on “systemic flaws” and subpar management.

According to him, the 91 state police officers’ activities are being evaluated by McCraw’s organization. Seven of the DPS officers are currently the subject of an internal affairs investigation, and one officer was terminated earlier this month.

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