U.S. President Set to Get Updated COVID-19 Booster

In an effort to persuade Americans to get the most recent booster injections during the continuing epidemic, President Joe Biden is scheduled to receive an updated COVID-19 booster shot on Tuesday.

A few months ago the president tested positive for COVID-19 and three days later he was released from isolation, however, after taking the antiviral medication Paxliod, he tested positive to coronavirus once more. Because he was properly immunized and given a boost against the virus, according to Biden’s doctor, he only had milder symptoms.

In order to combat the most recent omicron subvariants of the virus, health officials released updated COVID-19 booster doses last month. Since August, there have been fewer COVID-19 instances in the United States, although the administration of the new boosters has been comparatively gradual.

The standard vaccination regimen for patients older than six months old should include COVID-19 doses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advisors.

At least 68% of Americans are fully protected against the virus, according to CDC data, with 48 percent having had their second booster vaccine.

On October 12, just 7% of eligible Americans over the age of 12 had gotten the new “bivalent” booster.

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