Saudi Arabia Unveils Plans for Massive Real Estate Project “The Line in NEOM”

Saudi Arabia has unveiled the world’s most futuristic city plans, planning to build a 100-mile-long metropolis as a utopian-like “linear” city powered by 100 percent clean energy. 

The real estate mega project in Neom, Saudi Arabia, hopes to turn a 656 feet wide, 1640 feet tall city into a reality. It would make it the largest megastructure in the world. 

Called “The Line,” the project is designed to house up to 9 million people and marks the centerpiece of an ambitious urban planning project for the nation. 

Residents would use autonomous, high-speed transit and artificial intelligence would improve daily life by harnessing data to enhance infrastructure. 

When the project was first announced, visuals of the development had not been included. 

Up until this week, when pictures have finally been published to show what The Line will look like. Cladded in a mirrored facade that reflects the surrounding desert, the city functions will be layered in the city that stretches up to the sky. This means schools, homes, offices, parks, and other infrastructure will be stacked on top of each other, promoting vertical movement. 

The executive director of development at The Line in Neom Giles Pendleton said: “We are building 120 Burj Khalifas’ worth of real estate in the first phase.” It will become the largest building in the world by a wide margin. 

Pendleton said the visionaries behind the plan see it as nothing less than a reinvention of urban planning. 

Pendleton said the Line should become a test bed and something that the world looks at and says it is a forward-looking way of looking at the problems of mankind. 

Building higher than 300 meters becomes complicated because of the scale, Pendleton said, and that from a technical perspective, the project will be the greatest real estate challenge that has ever been faced.

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