Trump Targets CNN Defamatory Reporting with Potential Lawsuit

Alleging repeated defamation against him dating back to his 2016 presidential campaign, former President Donald Trump said on Wednesday he’s planning to file a lawsuit against the CNN network.

CNN was reportedly notified about Trump’s intentions in a 282-page letter dated July 21 that called upon the network to retract or correct dozens of ‘false and defamatory’ on-air statements and articles about Trump.

The letter to CNN states that CNN coverage frequently referred to Trump’s repeated claims that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent as lies, false narratives, and baseless theories, without regard for his genuine belief in his statements, branding him the purveyor of the Big Lie.

Many of the cited articles are opinion or analysis pieces about Trump’s rhetoric after the 2020 election, some of which were tying it to the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol while many of the news articles are documenting the frequency of Trump’s inaccurate statements about election fraud.

The lawsuit also references commentary by various Democrats after the 2016 election asserting that Russian interference influenced Trump’s election despite the fact that Russia’s interference in that election was established by the intelligence community.

Underscoring that he’ll never stop fighting for the truth and for the future of the United States, Trump noted in his statement he’ll also be initiating actions against other media outlets who have defamed him and defrauded the public regarding the overwhelming evidence of the 2020 Election fraud.

Dozens of lawsuits alleging the widespread election fraud in 2020 were summarily dismissed – even by judges appointed by Trump- due to a lack of evidence in what can be seen as a preview of how Trump’s lawsuit is likely to be received.

Trump, who has a habit of threatening to sue those who speak critically of him, previously argued the libel laws in the US should change to make it easier to sue the media and authors over their work.

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