Trump Might Make a Third Run for White House

Donald Trump

Donald Trump, the former president, has long made hints that he might make a third run for the White House, Fox News informed.

Some Republicans, including those who have voiced opposition to Trump making another run, believe that announcement may occur sooner rather than later as GOP voters consider their top choice for the 2024 candidate.

According to some reports from The Associated Press and The New York Times, numerous Republican strategists believe that Trump is anxious to declare his candidacy even though many Republicans are opposed to the idea. Most contenders launch a run for the presidency around a year before the election.

Republican strategist Scott Jennings stated that he thought Trump’s declaration might occur before more Republican voters start to examine other contenders.

According to Jennings, there is some indication that some GOP voters are attempting to distance themselves from Donald Trump.

To increase their chances of reclaiming the presidential position in the upcoming election, several GOP officials have stated that it is clearly a time for the Trump’s support to stop.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told The Associated Press that Americans are “worried” about whether Trump could win an election in 2024 in the aftermath of recent sessions on the January 6 Capitol protests.

People are trying to make sure that they will not select someone who would be substantially flawed because they are worried that GOP would lose the election in ’24, Christie stated.

Larry Hogan, the governor of Maryland, who is known to be exploring a bid for the presidency in 2024, also said Trump is likely to lose the election.

Hogan stated in an interview with the AP that Trump’s approval among the GOP primary voters has already been substantially eroded.”

“Up until Joe Biden was elected, Trump was the lowest-rated president in American history.”

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