COVID an ‘Inconvenience’ Rather than ‘Life-Threatening’ for Many Now, Says WHO

The World Health Organization’s special envoy on Covid said that the virus is now an “inconvenience” for most people rather than “life-threatening.” 

Dr. David Nabarro warned, however, that concerns still remain for those who are older, have health conditions, or are unvaccinated. 

Nabarro urged people to remain “responsible” and to keep wearing masks and practicing social distancing in order to protect others. 

The remarks come as Covid cases continue to surge. 

The current strains of Covid are capable of dodging vaccination protection, Nabarro said, and that people who have gotten vaccinations can also get ill. He described it as being “pretty nasty” for most who have vaccinations, but that it will be survivable. 

In the UK, around 1.7 million people are estimated to have tested positive for Covid last week alone. This is up a big step from the previous week, increasing 23 percent. The UK’s leading scientists warned the country will see a new wave of infections have started to spike thanks to two or more Omicron variants

Experts said the UK is fighting a fifty wave of Covid as infections soared, and that summer events could see even higher case rates.

Nabarro said that he was not worried for the world because he believes a lot has been learned, and also because the virus is evolving. 

“But I am worried for individuals who may be at risk because they are in the older age group or have other conditions that mean they are likely to get severely ill,” Nabarro said. 

He said that having Covid multiple times does not build up resistance or immunity, because of the fact Covid keeps evolving. 

The more you get Covid, he warned, the more likely you are to get long Covid as well, also because the virus keeps evolving.

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