Abrams Refuses to Clarify if there Should Be Limits on Abortions


Stacey Abrams, the Democratic candidate for governor of Georgia, said on Sunday that abortion is a “medical decision” and shouldn’t be politicized, Fox News informed.

She declined to clarify whether she thought there should be limits on abortions or whether she thought they were permissible up to nine months.

During a “Fox News Sunday” interview, Abrams was questioned about her thoughts on abortion restrictions in light of the Supreme Court’s Friday decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Abrams said that she believes abortion is a medical choice and that a doctor and a woman should decide this matter together, along with the woman’s family.

Abrams also said that she believes that a big problem is that this matter is seen through a spectrum that is political. She added that this is a medical choice and that such choices should be made in accordance with the doctor’s recommendations and advices.

Abrams was questioned about the child’s safety and lives later on by “Fox News Sunday” presenter Martha MacCallum, which prompted Abrams to attack Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for refusing to expand the Medicaid in Georgia.

Kemp has consistently refused to stand behind women as they attempt to make the greatest decisions for their families and selves, according to Abrams.

After asking whether Abrams supports abortion up to nine months, MacCallum clarified her original question by asking when Abrams begins to care about the baby’s life.

Abrams continued saying that it is a medical choice and that no woman that she is aware of ever reaches the point when making this kind of choice is simple. She also once again stated that although these painful conversations are unavoidably necessary, they shouldn’t be political ones.

The Georgia Democrat proceeded by saying that she shouldn’t be making decisions unless she truly comprehends the information and that no other political figure should either.

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