Global HPO: Amnesty International UK is ‘Institutionally Racist’

The findings of management consultancy Global HPO’s inquiry into the Amnesty International UK show that the charity, which has labeled Israel ‘apartheid’ in its own reports, is institutionally racist.

Publishing a series of reports on Israel over recent years that have accused it of being an apartheid state, AIUK has repeatedly sparked anger in the Jewish community.

The damning 106-page inquiry into the charity published in full on Thursday suggests that Amnesty International UK has failed to embed principles of anti-racism into its own DNA and faces bullying issues within the organization.

The inquiry into the charity also concluded that white applicants were more likely to be appointed to roles within the Amnesty International UK than all other groups and the black people were least likely to be given a job.

The report has described a situation in which an important part of the AIUK narrative about its history and legacy is formed by the perception of ‘white savior, middle class and privileged’.

Amnesty International UK has failed to address that perception, as the report points out, which as such manifests in the negative cultural paradigm of exclusion and racism at the charity.

Global HPO’s independent report stressed in its conclusion the need to acknowledge and address the impact of this legacy as part of the transition to becoming anti-racist and called for improved equality monitoring at the organization which could be accomplished via training.

It also notes that there’s a need to retain the from the black Caribbean and black African origin and to cancel the prevalent culture that bullies, something the charity has failed to do repeatedly following at least nine similar reviews in the past.

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