Amazon Opens First Physical Fashion Retail Store in Los Angeles

The first brick-and-mortar clothing retail store of Inc. where Amazon customers can try on selections and purchase clothes as an option to buying via the app opened last week, the company announced.

As people start to venture out to shop following the easing of COVID curbs, the Los Angeles-based store, Amazon Style, will help customers find clothes and personalize recommendations by using machine-learning technology.

Amazon app users will also have the option to use the physical store to try out their selections and will be receiving notifications on the availability of fitting rooms equipped with touchscreens to instantly summon more styles, size options, and SKUs.

Making the customer journey unique in the fashion space, the new Amazon physical shop has been described by customers and as a blend of data-driven technology, in-store styling-and-fitting services, and a mix of Amazon Style app-based interactions, online-to-IRL try-on, and checkouts based on Amazon One palm-recognition.

The store also allows customers to browse through the Amazon Style app or browse the racks, to select sizes and colors by scanning the item QR codes and have them delivered directly to a particular fitting room.

The fitting room, which is unlocked with the app, also contains additional Amazon algorithm-selected suggestions ready and waiting for the customer to try them on.

Simoina Vasen, managing director of Amazon Style, emphasized in her statement that Amazon Style’s three goals are to offer each customer more inspiring, personalized, and convenient shopping.

In-store shoppers also no longer need to get out on the floor to check for availability of their size and can keep ordering and continue their shopping from the dressing room.

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