More PMs Call for Boris Johnson to Go after Partygate

More Conservative MPs are calling for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign in the aftermath of the Partygate report, saying they cannot reconcile themselves with his previous statements on the scandal, The Guardian reported.

Nineteen MPs have lined up to publicly call for Boris Johnson to quit. More have called for him to resign but have not submitted formal letters of no confidence.

The latest names to the pile include the former health minister Stephen Hammond, who said he submitted a letter of no confidence in the prime minister to the chair of the 1922 Committee. 

It comes after the Sue Gray report confirmed a string of lockdown parties that broke Johnson’s own rules at the time. Johnson then lied in parliament about it. 

MPs say the report is damning. Hammond called it “indefensible.” 

MP John Baron also said he has lost confidence in Johnson. Baron is a former shadow minister, and is the prime minister’s constituency neighbor in west London. Baron said that one of the bedrock principles of the British constitution is that there is trust in the responses given in parliament to be both true and accurate. Johnson, he said, knowingly misled it, and this cannot be tolerated. 

Johnson’s staff is trying to clean up his mess. The No 10 chief os staff Steve Barclay insisted yesterday that only a “small minority” of people in No 10 broke the rules, and said that Johnson was unaware of many of the more debauched details that emerged in the Sue Gray report this week. This included wine being spilled up the walls, vomiting, and even a fight. 

The public is calling for Johnson to step down. 

But it seems the prime minister is ignoring these calls, and instead he’s trying his hardest to sweep it under the rug. Whether it will be forgotten so easily remains to be seen. 

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