Texas School Shooting Marks Worst Elementary Shooting in Decade

Buffalo shooting leaves 13 dead

The United States has suffered its deadliest elementary school shooting in a decade, making it one of the worst shootings in history, BBC reported.

An 18-year-old opened fire inside an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, killing at least 19 children and two adults. At least a dozen others are injured, and one remains in critical condition. 

The attack yesterday was one of the worst shootings in Texas, and the deadliest at an elementary school since the Sandy Hook elementary shooting in 2012 left 27 dead. 

Since Sandy Hook, homicides have reached all-time highs. Gun ownership has skyrocketed. So have school shootings. 

Just last year, Texas eased gun restrictions in its state, allowing residents to carry guns without any kind of license or training. 

The school massacre comes less than two weeks after a deadline mass shooting in Buffalo, NY, which was fueled by racism and killed 10 people who were grocery shopping. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a Republican, has passed at least seven bills into law protecting gun ownership last year alone. 

Abbott said he was grieving for “victims of this senseless crime.” 

President Joe Biden addressed the nation and said it is time to “turn this pain into action,” and urged people to finally act on gun control. In an emotional call, he said the United States needs to “stand up to the gun lobby” and tighten restrictions. 

Former President Donald Trump is due to speak at a pro-gun NRA event this week in Texas. So too is Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has faced immediate backlash for tweeting that he and his wife were praying for the children and families of the shooting. Critics pointed out Cruz’s opposition to legislation to curb gun violence and called on him to change his position and take action. 

There have been more than 200 mass shootings since January of this year alone. 

No other developed country in the world remotely compares. 

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