TSA Prepares Increases Efforts ahead of Busy Summer

TSA prepares for summer travel demand and higher passenger volumes
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With airports throughout the country becoming increasingly congested, the TSA says it is increasing its efforts and sending in more TSA employees to assist ease the lengthy lineups.

More than 150,000 people visit Miami every day, a 17 percent increase from the previous month. The number of travelers is increasing, and the summer season hasn’t yet begun.

AAA officials expect that 60% more people will travel this year than last, or around 37 million people, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Almost 2.5 million passengers will fly on Memorial Day alone. As a result, TSA officials have announced a new strategy to place additional TSA screeners in larger, busier airports.

The Transportation Security Administration’s head said Tuesday that his agency has increased the number of staff who might help with screening procedures at overcrowded airports this summer.

Almost 1,000 personnel have offered to be dispatched to other airports if necessary to assist travelers in getting through security queues faster. Long queues, according to vacationers, will not be a deterrent this summer.

It’s part of the agency’s strategy for dealing with what’s expected to be a busy holiday season.

“We expect this to be a busy summer, and we are as ready as we possibly can be,” Pekoske said at a news conference near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, as quoted by The Hill. “We’re likely going to exceed in some airports by good measure the 2019 numbers.”

The TSA presently employs 47,500 people at security checkpoints around the country. It is stated that when the lineups exceed 30 minutes, further assistance is summoned.

TSA attempts to estimate when wait times in ordinary screening lanes will be at least 30 minutes, or when wait times for PreCheck travelers would be at least 10 minutes, according to Pekoske. When this occurs, volunteers from less-congested airports will be dispatched to help cut wait times at congested airports.

Almost the last month, the TSA inspected over 2.1 million passengers. That’s almost as much as in 2019 — and travel experts predict that number will skyrocket in the coming weeks.

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