Poland and Germany Work Together to End Russian Oil Dependence

Image: Pilmo Kang/Unsplash

Poland’s Climate Minister, Anna Moskwa, announced Thursday that they will only provide assistance in utilizing alternatives to Russian oil to Germany if it ends the Russian ownership of the PCK Schwedt refinery, Reuters reports. The German government has made efforts to cut off its ties to Russia by ending their dependency on Russian energy products. As Europe’s largest refinery, majority-owned by the Russian government-operated company Rosneft, the Schwedt refinery has recently maintained a heavy presence in discussion and media.

 After Russia threatened to cut off oil exports to Germany, German officials looked to Schwedt as a possible solution. If they were able to gain control of the refinery more possibilities would open and they would no longer be a financial supporter of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Moskwa said a solution between Germany and Poland’s companies and the government is being worked on daily and that no further business will be possible without an end to the Russian ownership presence in Germany. Overall the priority is to have enough non-Russian oil for use in both Poland and Germany.

With Ukraine struggling with fuel shortages, the goal in future business is to ration the supplies available between Germany and Poland and support Ukraine. Some of the oil processed by the TotalEnergies’ Leuna refinery in Germany is not Russian crude and is transported by a pipeline from a terminal in Gdansk, Poland. As a solution to help stop German dependence on Russian oil the Polish are looking towards Naftoport, an oil terminal located in Gdansk. With help from PERN, a majority owner of Naftoport, the facility has the potential to increase its oil reload limit which is now  36 million tons.

If this collaboration within Poland is executed, supplies to Germany can increase which would assist in the global goal of ending dependence on Russian crude products.  

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