Biden’s Approval Rating Drops, while 80% of Americans Believe US is on the Wrong Track

Some 59% of Americans dislike Biden's job performance, and his average approval ratings dropped six percentage points from last week's 42%.
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According to a Monmouth University poll released Thursday, President Biden’s approval rating stays low, and over 80% of the registered voters believe the United States is on the wrong path, Fox News informed.

According to the poll released on Thursday, Biden has a 38 percent approval rating, with 57 percent disapproval.

These figures are down from March when the US President had 39% approval and 54% disapproval.

Only 18% of the Americans believe the country is on the right track, according to Monmouth.

Monmouth University polled 807 Americans from May 5 to 9, with a 3.5 percent margin of error.

Each of the responders was interviewed live over the phone.

The number of Americans who are hopeful about the country’s future has consistently dropped, the Monmouth poll shows.

In January 2021, 42% of the US citizens thought the country was headed on the right track, while 51% said it wasn’t.

The importance of abortion for the voters has increased, the university’s Thursday poll states.

When asked to select the most important issue the people answered that economic policy (26 percent) and abortion (25 percent) are the top worries, followed by health care (16 percent) and immigration (14 percent),” according to Monmouth.

The abortion statistics come less than a week after a leaked Supreme Court draft majority opinion showed the court’s intention to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Since the disclosure, Democrats have been scrambling to get Roe into law, but they lost a Senate vote on the subject on Wednesday.

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