House Adopts Legislation Allowing Employees in the Congress to Unionize

The House of Representatives passed a legislation Tuesday evening that gives congressional employees the power to organize and negotiate collectively, much to the delight of the chamber’s Democratic members, Fox News informed.

After the law was passed by a vote of 217-202, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly described it as “historic.”

Pelosi said that this was a historic decision that paves the way for the Congress employees to choose to unionize, adding that by encouraging workers to advocate for each other, the country takes a step forward to ensuring that the House is here to serve the people of America.

The initiative, according to Pelosi, is part of a broader push by the Democratic-controlled Congress to assist legislative personnel.

Pelosi mentioned that the Congress the hard-working people that enable all the Congressmen to fulfill their duties are dedicated, skilled and patriots who only strengthen this branch.

She also stated that the Democratic House wants to honor their services, by ensuring that the Congress is a place that gathers diverse and outstanding employees.

Pelosi also mentioned that last week they revealed the first pay floor as well, by establishing the minimum annual salary that will amount to $45,000.

Pelosi concluded that the new steps were part of her pledge to diversify the workforce on Capitol Hill, and constituting the new House Office of Diversity and Inclusion that will be in charge for opening the doors for previously misrepresented communities.

The resolution’s author, Democratic Representative Andy Levin, a member of the House Education and Labor Committee and the House Labor Caucus, was likewise pleased with its approval.

Levin said that after 26 years, the House of Representatives has managed to provide all the staffers with a fundamental human right to form unions.

He added that the staffers of the Congress can now join in a union and can collectively bargain and step up with their voices, which now will have to be heard.

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