School Mask Mandates May Open the Door to Lawsuits: Missouri AG

school mask mandates
Image credit: EPA

Attorney General Eric Schmitt (R) of Missouri declared on Tuesday that he will sue school districts that continue to impose school mask mandates on pupils, arguing that “coronavirus causes very little harm to kids.”

Judge Daniel R. Green of Cole County Circuit Court declared in November that only elected authorities have the ability to impose mask requirements, The Hill reported.

Schmitt, who is running for the United States Senate, addressed letters to public school districts in December telling them to cease implementing public health requirements that were affected by Greene’s decision.

In GOP-controlled states, school mask mandates became a contentious subject, with many school districts in Texas, Florida, and South Carolina standing firm in the face of threats from the state government to repeal them.

Last month, the superintendent of the St. Louis Public Schools, Kelvin Adams, appeared to be defying Schmitt’s orders as well, telling parents in a letter that his district does, in fact, have the right to impose mask mandates, and that he will continue to do so because he knows that any type of prevention will be effective in maintaining his students and staff protected.

Though children are less likely than adults to suffer serious symptoms when they contract COVID-19, the CDC has stated that there is still a chance that a kid would get severe sickness or problems.

Almost a third of the students brought to the hospital owing to coronavirus were admitted to the critical care unit, which is about the same percentage as adults. Despite the fact that kids are less prone to develop severe disease, research has shown that they may spread the virus at the same rate as adults.

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