Trump Rally Attendees Lash Out On Social Media

Some of former President Trump’s supporters were left infuriated over the weekend when they were forced to wait for hours before leaving his rally in Arizona. 

After Trump left the stage, people in attendance said online that they were blocked from leaving the rally site for several hours, and complained on social media. 

According to the Arizona Republic, which had reporters on-site, the moods turned sour by the time attendees reached their cars, with some people sitting in their vehicles for hours waiting to leave dirt parking lots and get back on the road. Some social media influencers said that people waited as long as three hours. 

It is speculated that attendees could not leave until Trump did, because the Secret Service had been deployed to secure the road. 

The responses from rally attendees were wild. One woman claimed to a TikTok influencer that it was “false imprisonment,” and that they were being treated like “commoners.” She also claimed she was an attorney and that her freedoms had never been restricted like this in her lifetime. 

Another man told the TikToker that the Secret Service can go “f*** themselves.”

Viral TikToks and tweets showed cars stretching for miles, and people standing around in parking lots fuming. 

The rally was Trump’s first of the year. It featured some of the former president’s famous hits of lies and falsehoods, including that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him, which has been continuously disproven. 

This was not the first time that Trump rally attendees have been forced to wait for hours leave the rally. During Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign, hundreds were left stranded in freezing temperatures being forced to wait to leave, following a campaign event in Nebraska.

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