Biden Announced Infrastructure Plan to Include Reparation of Bridges

Joes Biden's infrastructure bill includes reparation of bridges
Image credit: EPA

On Friday, President Joe Biden will announce his administration’s intentions for the $27 billion spending package to repair thousands of bridges around the United States, the latest measure related to the $1 trillion infrastructure bill, Reuters reports.

Biden’s words come as his bigger economic package, Build Back Better, has stagnated in the Senate and his poll numbers have fallen as fears about the COVID-19 outbreak and inflation have grown.

The bipartisan infrastructure measure he signed in November, together with a massive pandemic relief bill, is Biden’s most significant legislative success in his first year in office.

The administration hopes that popular infrastructure upgrades may help alleviate transportation congestion caused by the epidemic, which has resulted in supply shortages and increased costs. Major bridges and other thoroughfares in the United States are frequently found to be in need of repair, according to surveys of the country’s infrastructure.

The Department of Transportation said that money for bridges will be made available to 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and sovereign tribes during a five-year period. They predict that the funding that is part of the infrastructure bill will allow them to replace about 15,000 bridges.

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